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Suggestions About Garage Doors and Maintenance

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Suggestions About Garage Doors and Maintenance

Here you can check out some excellent garage door related tips. Find out how to take care of the springs, opener and all sorts of other components. This can help you extend the lifespan of the system and prevent all sorts of accidents and problems.

Learn how to use the emergency release feature

We hope that you never have an accident that merits using this feature, but just to be safe, it's important that you know not only where it is but how to engage it. Most automatic garage door openers have a red cord dangling from them, or from their trolley, and pulling this cord will disconnect the opener and allow you to open and close your door manually. If you're not sure where the cord is, consult your owner's manual. Remember, never pull the emergency release cord while the door is open, as it could come crashing down.

Make sure your children can't play with your door

It's the nature of young children to be curious about pretty much anything. They may become fascinated with your automatic garage door and want to try open and close it themselves. This can be extremely dangerous, so you must always make sure that you keep your remote somewhere they can't reach. Also, if you have a wireless keypad installed, see to it that it's set up high enough where your kids can't reach it.

Replace hinges and rollers at the same time

Unless one of the two aforementioned garage door parts is in perfect shape, it's best to replace them all together. Since both of these units are usually made of steel, they will eventually erode. If you replace them at the same time, you'll more effectively eliminate noises. Another benefit of having both parts replaced simultaneously is that in order to replace the hinges, you must remove the rollers. So, it's easier to do both tasks at the same time instead of repeating the process again months later.

Lubricate garage door parts at least once a year

The frequency of lubrication maintenance varies according to our specialists and is dependent on the local weather conditions, whether the parts are zinc coated or not, and the age of the system. By lubricating moving metal parts like the rollers and hinges at least once a year, you will be able to keep them from corroding and wearing out quickly. The lubricant reduces friction and keeps the components from getting damaged needlessly. This helps to eliminate noise as well.

Regularly inspect your weather stripping

By design, garage doors are supposed to be air tight. This is to prevent cold air from seeping into your home causing you to spend more money on heating. This is why it is important to monitor the condition of your garage door weather stripping, which help keep the area insulated. Our technicians recommend that you check their condition at least every six months, and get them replaced if you find any signs of wear.  


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