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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our residential company takes care of any problem related to garage door openers. We offer opener replacement and installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and emergency opener repair and are trained to service openers of all brands

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

As specialists in residential garage door springs, we offer fast response extension and torsion spring repair and adjustment, replace broken springs and their parts, install new ones and help our customers as soon as possible

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Garage Door Services

Garage Door Services

The professionals of our company are trained residential garage door repair experts, travel well-equipped, provide same day services, and take care of any urgent problem related to the door, spring, opener or any other part

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Looking for Garage Door Repair Service in Kissimmee?

Worried about a broken spring or malfunctioning opener? Let us fix it for you quickly and professionally. Our company is a leading provider of garage door services including repair, replacement, maintenance and installation. We work with residential doors and electric operators of all brands, designs and makes. Count on us to provide emergency assistance and to service your door by appointment. Get a complete solution and enjoy smooth and effective operation.

Modern automatic doors use all kinds of technologies. Now openers can be operated remotely via smartphone apps. There are innovative springs and rollers with nylon wheels. The range of accessories includes not only basic wall-mounted buttons, but also wall consoles with LCD screens. At "Garage Door Repair Kissimmee", we are very familiar with the latest technological advancements in our industry as well as with the oldest mechanisms and components still in use. Our experienced technicians receive ongoing professional training to keep up to date with all innovations. This enables us to deliver services of exceptional quality to all of our customers. If you plan to get the latest Craftsman or LiftMaster opener, let us install it for you. All settings will be accurately adjusted. The programming of the remote is included in the service.

Problems with overhead doors are not uncommon for two reasons. The first is that they have hundreds of moving and stationary components. The second is that these systems are constantly exposed to the elements. Besides, they are used at least twice almost every day, and on average around four to six uses per day. The good news is that in most cases, the issues are easy to notice. You will hear strange sounds, see signs of physical damage and/or discover unusual behavior during operation. Let us resolve the problem for you fast. In case of an emergency, such as a snapped garage door cable, rely on us to come to you in the shortest possible time. We have a well-developed system for responding to urgent situations. You simply need to keep calm and the rest will be taken care of. Our technician will come and replace the broken component with one that has the same specs and great strength and durability. The job will be completed quickly. Our repair work is always completed with testing to ensure that the system operates exactly as it should.

Garage Door Repair Services in Florida

Residential fast response garage door spring services

Our skilled specialists in Florida are fully prepared for dealing with any sort of issue right away. Our warehouse is stocked with spare parts of the highest quality. These include not only springs, tracks and other hardware parts, but also accessories such as clickers. Expect quick panel replacement service from our company as well. We will find a panel which matches the old one precisely in terms of make, design and color. You can have complete peace of mind in the fact that your door will have the elegant uniform look that you require. Our equipment is of top quality as well. All of the tools we use are based on advanced technology and enable us to achieve the highest level of precision in every job from track replacement to spring adjustment. The equipment is perfectly maintained.

One of the major challenges in our work is to explain to automatic door users how important it is to react quickly to signs of trouble. Even if you notice a small issue such as a rusty spot on the bottom panel, you should take action. The simplest thing to do is to turn to us with a question.

* Why is there rust on my door? Since modern garage door parts are made from galvanized steel while the panels receive protective finish, rust usually occurs because of damage to the protective coating. Most often the damage is caused by cleaners used for the door, the garage floor or the driveway. It can also be caused by road salts. Our technician will come and check the damage and repair the affected component. If the damage is extensive, the part will be replaced with a new one.

* How come the opener has become slow all of a sudden? This issue is usually caused by a broken torsion spring. This happens when the operator is quite powerful and can bear the weight of the door despite the lack of extra torque. Our technician will replace the spring with a new one that has a long cycle life.

* What should I do if the door refuses to close with the opener? The most common cause of this problem is safety sensor failure. If the sensors are cleaned, properly aligned and receiving power but still do not work, they will have to be replaced. Count on us to do this quickly to restore the operation and safety of your door.

Usually, the replacement of the faulty component resolves the issue completely. However, when there are several major components which are damaged and do not work well or when the system is in poor overall condition, it is time to consider garage door replacement. Let us help you with this project from the start. When you hire us for the job, you will get reliable expert consultants to help you choose the best unit for your needs and budget. You will receive all the assistance that you need for comparing units of different makes, structures and brands. Count on us to dismantle the old door safely and quickly and to install the new one right on time. Every component is fit securely and adjusted accurately. The moving metal parts are lubricated so that they can work smoothly and have lower rate of wearing. Expect meticulous work and exceptional door performance from the very beginning.

Whether you have a brand new door or a system that you have been using for a number of years, you have to take good care of it. This will give you the highest possible level of safety and convenience when you use the unit. If you cannot devote sufficient time and effort to the job or if you fear that you may not have the skills to do well, you can readily use our garage door maintenance service. It is comprehensive and covers each and every component of the system including the accessories used for running the opener. Every maintenance session includes the following:

* Inspection and testing - All components of the door from the bottom seal to the motor unit of the opener and the clickers are checked for signs of damage and extensive wear and tear. Tracks, for instance, are inspected for blockage, alignment and bending. The spring's balance is tested, and so is the operation of the electric operator's safety reversal mechanism and sensors.

* Cleaning and lubrication - Dirt is carefully removed from all components. Panels are washed with a safe solution while dirt stuck on the hardware parts is removed with safe and potent solvent. The moving metal parts receive lubrication so that they can work smoothly and make the smallest possible amount of noise. Our technicians never forget to lubricate the hinges which are prone to getting dry and making squeaky sounds. If the opener has a drive chain or screw, it is also lubricated with a special product. Additionally, once a year, the panels should be repainted with protective paint. It prevents the elements from destroying the material which they are made from.

* Repair and replacement - Any issues identified during the inspection and tests are fixed straight away. Slightly damaged and malfunctioning components receive repair. Those which are in very bad condition are replaced with new ones. The replacement of extensively worn springs and cables helps to prevent accidents that might put your property and your family at risk.

Rely on us to help you with anything related to your automatic garage door. Our company is always available to fix malfunctioning parts, to install a brand new door and opener for you and to provide professional maintenance services on a regular basis. Reach out to us today.

Tip: Keen an Eye on the Weather Seals

Every overhead door should have bottom and side seals for maximum protection from the elements. To find out if these have become worn-out and need replacement, go into the garage during the day, close the door and turn the lights off. If you see ambient light coming through the sides of the unit, then it is time for new seals.

Residents in the 34741 zip code area can depend on us! We offer local residential garage door repair services and do our best to help our clients in a timely fashion. Our services include garage door maintenance, replacements and installations, adjustments, troubleshooting and inspections and are offered by committed professionals.

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We provide residential garage door repair, maintenance, troubleshooting, adjustment, and installation services and try to help our customers as soon as possible. Our company is in Florida and serves the entire local community in a timely fashion

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