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Garage Door Springs
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Springs designed for residential garage doors are manufactured in different dimensions and to last for a specified period of time. Average sized doors have springs, which last for about ten thousand cycles. With each cycle being the full closing and opening movement of the door, such springs usually last for about six years but, it will still depend on how regularly they are maintained and adjusted. Garage door springs need adjustment because they lose their tension every time they move the door. The tension is in their coils and is enhanced with the way they are installed. Proper installation and good maintenance of your springs reassures proper door performance and avoidance of accidents.

With garage door spring repair services, our team helps you avoid problems and injuries. Accidents can happen when homeowners try to repair and replace springs themselves or when springs break. In an effort to help customers avoid injuries, our team offers emergency spring repair services. Our company Garage Door Repair Kissimmee provides full spring services, including the adjustment and installation of springs and can order the new springs for you.

We fix residential garage door springs

Garage Door SpringsSprings are dangerous parts because they can suddenly snap due to their high tension. They need to be tense so that they can lift and lower the door, but their tension must be adjusted. If they are too tense, the door won't close well and if they are not tense enough, the door won't open easily or keep open. We offer fast response garage door torsion spring adjustment and are equipped with winding bars of various sizes so that your springs can be adjusted properly. Springs are not installed only to move the door but also counterbalance it. This happens as the torsion spring unwinds across the metal tube going through it and by installing extension springs of equal power at the two sides of the door.

Garage door springs must be measured accurately before new ones are ordered. Due to their task of counterbalancing the door, extension springs are both replaced even if only one is damaged. Our intention is to help you avoid any problem related to springs. For this reason, we suggest the best solutions when it comes to garage door spring replacement, remove broken springs or damaged ones as soon as possible, and adjust them so that the door will be well balanced. Our technicians replace, install, repair, lubricate and adjust extension and torsion springs for residential doors for years, have the expected experience and are available to provide the necessary garage door repair services.

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