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Popular Garage Door Questions

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Popular Garage Door Questions

Do you have questions related to garage doors or any of their different parts? Want to learn more about ways to take care of this type of system? Here you can find concise and informative answers to various FAQs.

Why is weather stripping important?

Weather strips are placed on all four sides of the door in order to seal any gap left between the panels and the door jamb and to help insulate your garage as well. There are several types of weather seals on the market and you must make sure the door has no trouble closing after the seals have been installed. Pay extra attention to the bottom seal because it will wear out faster than the others.

How do I test the safety sensors and the reverse mechanism?

The easiest way to test the sensors according to our experts is to wave a long object (like a broomstick) between the photo eyes while the door is closing and to see if it stops. To test the auto-reverse mechanism, place a block of wood on the floor and close the door using the opener. As soon as the panels touch the block of wood, the mechanism should kick in and reverse. If your system fails these tests, give us a call as soon as possible.

How much time will it take to replace my garage door springs?

If you have extension units then our technicians will need to replace both springs, and it will usually take anywhere from half an hour to two hours, depending on a few different factors. A torsion spring can be replaced a little quicker, but again, there are all sorts of factors that could influence this estimation, so it's usually better to assume something around the aforementioned timeframe.

What is a garage door with rolling code technology?

A garage door that uses rolling code technology is one whose remote control changes its code each time it is used. There are ways today to intercept the code that your opener and its remote use to communicate, but with rolling codes, any intercepted data becomes useless as soon as it is transmitted. In short, it's a great security feature.

How long does a garage door spring last?

The average expected life of a torsion spring is about 10,000 cycles, while extension units will last for about half of that. A single cycle represents one opening and one closing of the door. If you use the door more frequently, which most people do, then the spring will wear out faster. The aforementioned estimation takes into account regular maintenance. If you don't get your door serviced regularly, then the springs will last less than that.


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