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The main difference between residential garage door openers is the horsepower of the motor. Made to fit the needs of current home doors, motor power ranges from ½ horsepower to 1+ hp. The weight of the door is the basic determinant when choosing a new opener, but the system must also meet the UL 325 official requirements. According to these standards, openers must integrate safety sensors and a reverse mechanism so that the door will stop and reverse when something obstructs its movement so that entrapments will be avoided should the door collapse. These safety standards make new age openers reliable and safe, but they must be checked and maintained often so that the entire system will remain in good working order. Our company offers full garage door opener services, ranging from emergency repairs and maintenance to motor repair, sensors alignment, chain adjustment, and opener replacement and installation.

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Garage Door OpenersMost garage door motors have a trolley and work with different guides, known as screw, belt and chain drives. These are connected to the motor and transfer electric power to the rest of the system through the trolley and door arm. This is how the door opens and closes automatically. The opener is set to open and close the door to a certain point and, whilst one-piece doors are already adjusted when manufactured to work at a specified pace for higher safety, sectional ones can be set to move in low, medium or high speed. When these settings change over time, they must be adjusted again. If not, the door won't close or open all the way and the security of the house will be compromised.

When it comes to such garage door repair opener services, our team tries to help customers as soon as possible. We actually provide same day opener troubleshooting when there are problems and suggest the best solutions. Since our technicians travel in fully equipped vans, opener issues are taken care of right away. The opener lights will flash if the reverse system doesn't work right and the door won't be able to move to its closing position. Other opener problems might relate to the trolley, the iron angle upon which the opener unit is attached, the chain, gears, the motor or the sensors, which, due to their importance to your safety, must be serviced often.

Opener problems are fixed as soon as possible by our company. We offer garage door opener maintenance, replace every opener part, take care of motor issues, fix the chain, install new openers and align the sensors. Whenever you need residential opener services, you can trust our team, regardless of whether you own a Liftmaster, Craftsman, Marantec or Genie opener.

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